16 Feb 2022 - 30 Apr 2022
From now till 30 Apr 2022, cash in & maintain RM200 in GO+ and enjoy 2%* p.a. bonus rate, on top of your daily return rate that is up to 1.5%* p.a. You can enjoy a total of over 3%p.a. returns!

Step 1: Tap on GO+ icon and select Cash In
Step 2: Cash in RM200 or more via FPX online banking or eWallet balance
Step 3: Maintain RM200 or more to activate your EXTRA bonus rate!
  1. Upgrade to GO+ (if you haven’t)
  2. Cash in & maintain RM200 or more into GO+
  3. Enjoy 4% bonus rate + up to 1.5% p.a. daily return rate as long as you maintain min. RM200 in GO+ from now till 31 Jan 2022
Time won’t wait.  Get your EXTRA bonus rate now!
Frequently asked questions
What does this Campaign offer?

This Campaign offers all GO+ users who maintain at least RM200 balance in their GO+ account an additional bonus rate of 2.0% per annum (“Bonus Rate”) as a gift / ‘hibah’ (“Reward”) on top of the daily return rate (“Daily Return Rate”) on their GO+ balance throughout the Campaign Period. The Bonus Rate will only apply to a maximum GO+ balance amount of RM3,000.00.

What is the duration of this campaign?

This Campaign begins on 16 February 2022 and ends on 30 April 2022, both dates inclusive (“Campaign Period”).

Who is eligible for this campaign?

All GO+ users who maintain at least RM200balance in their GO+ account during the Campaign Period.

Who is not eligible for this campaign?

Any GO+ user who has been found performing certain action on their account that are of high risk and not in line with TNG Digital’s User Terms and Conditions. TNG Digital reserves the right to disqualify them from this campaign and they will not be entitled to the Bonus Rate/Reward.

What is the cut off time for the GO+ balance to earn Reward?

The cut off time for the GO+ balance to earn Reward is at 4pm each day throughout the Campaign period. For example, if the user’s GO+ balance is at RM3,000 on 16 February 2022 4pm, the Reward amount that he/ she will be receiving on the next day is as follows:

RM3,000 *2.0% / 365 days = Daily Reward of RM 0.1643

If the user’s GO+ balance subsequently drops to RM190 on 17 February 2022 4pm, he/ she will not be eligible to enjoy the Bonus Rate and therefore will not receive any Reward on 18 February 2022.

Where can I view my Reward?

You can view your Reward in your eWallet Transaction History and GO+ Dashboard.

What happen if my GO+ account balance reaches the limit of RM9,500?

The overall individual GO+ account balance limit is still at RM9,500. Hence, whenever user’s GO+ account balance reaches RM9,500, the Reward will be credited into their eWallet balance within 3 business days and therefore users won’t be able to see Reward in their GO+ account.

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